About me

Welcome! I am a student interested in ML Development, Data Analysis, Quantitative Finance, and Financial Analysis

I am an upcoming sophomore college student at Stevens Institute of Technology for Computer Science and minoring in Quantitative Finance. Currently I am working (or have worked with) Dr. Jeffery Nickerson on Generative AI research at Stevens Institute of Artifical Intelligence in collaboration with Columbia University. I also work with Professor Michael Greenberg on Static Site Generation and Performance using WASM Emscripten and Pyodide.

I love Data Science and planning to work on Machine Learning Development and Engineering within the Financial-Tech space in the New York/New Jersey area! I am currently learning on developing machine learning networks such as CNN's, MLP, and GAN's using PyTorch.

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🏫 Education

Stevens Institute of Technology

Major: Computer Science

4 year Bachelors of Science + 1 year Masters in Computer Science with a minor in Quantitative Finance. Due to the fact that I am an incoming freshman, not much will be displayed within this section as I simply have not been in college long enough to show potential achievements, courses, grade, etc.

Rancocas Valley Regional Highschool

Grade: Top 10%

Activities and societies: Programming Lead for RVR87 robotics team using Java and WPILib, Science National Honors Society, PLTW Engineering program, AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism, honors only mathematics & science courses.

🏆 Honors, Achievements, Personal Accomplishments

Stevens Institute of Technology:

Rancocas Valley Regional Highschool:

  • Honor Roll, Student of Distinction: 2020-2022
  • PLTW Nationally Certified
  • Science Honors Society
  • FIRST Robotics Scholarship