Joshua Hizgiaev

Welcome to the Automata

🎓 More about myself:

I am an upcoming sophomore college student at Stevens Institute of Technology under the 4 year program to receive my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, however, I will be in the Accelerated Masters Program to receive my Masters degree in Computer science 1 year early. Computer science allows me to explore my interests and passions of computational physics, complex mathematical simulations, and focus on a concentration in Artifical Intellgience and Machine Learning, all under the realm of Data Science and Analysis.

To learn a bit more, check the About Me page

🗞️ Recent News:

  • Starting August 2023: My undergraduate research internship has come to an end, additionaly, my project for Professor Greenberg is finished as well however starting 2nd semester I will be back working for them, cant wait!
  • Mid-Late July 2023 Plans: Begin working on C++ Data Structures, LeetCode, and finishing Cracking the Coding Interview!
  • Mid July 2023: Begin working on my Portfolio Analyzers, StockoDash
  • Mid July 2023: My research project for Professor Greenberg is basically finished!
  • Starting June 2023: I begin my work for SIAI performing data analysis LightCast and ONET's US Job Skill datasets
  • Mid May 2023: I got accepted into SIAI under Generative AI research for Columbia and Stevens!
  • Late April 2023: I started working for Professor Michael Greenberg on Static Site Generation