Joshua Hizgiaev

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"Learning Java and C++ in one summer is hard."

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I am an 18 year-old incoming first year college student entering Stevens Institute of Technology under the 4 year program to receive my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, however, I will be in the Accelerated Masters Program to receive my Masters degree in Computer science 1 year early. Computer science allows me to explore my interests and passions of computational physics, complex mathematical simulations, and focus on a concentration in Artifical Intellgience and Machine Learning, with aspects of systems software engineering as well.

In terms of programming experience, I am extremely interested in low-level programming with C & C++, but also object-oriented programming with Java. I also have web-development experience with React.js, Vite.js, and the HTML/CSS/JS stack. In terms of backend development I mainly use Node.js with the Node Package Manager (NPM). However as of currently, C/C++/Java are my goto languages, and I enjoy low-level, performance driven code. Future endeavors include learning Python to solve calculus and physics questions.

I am about 95% self taught in all aspects and skills I have acquired throughout my life. As examples I have self-taught myself Calculus 1 (referred to as AB & BC in highschool) throughout the summer of 2022 using Khan Academy and Paul's Online Notes. In terms of programming, well, my highschool never offered computer science courses at all to my own surprise and I learned programming in Java on my own using online courses, the Java documentation, and projects that mainly deal with physics, algorithms, etc. These projects helped me learn application development with GUI and regular UI libraries like Java Swing.

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🏫 Education

Stevens Institute of Technology

Major: Computer Science

4 year Bachelors of Science + 1 year Masters in Computer Science with a minor in Quantitative Finance. Due to the fact that I am an incoming freshman, not much will be displayed within this section as I simply have not been in college long enough to show potential achievements, courses, grade, etc.

Rancocas Valley Regional Highschool

Grade: Top 10%

Activities and societies: Programming Lead for RVR87 robotics team using Java and WPILib, Science National Honors Society, PLTW Engineering program, AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism, honors only mathematics & science courses. - Linkedin

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Rancocas Valley Regional Highschool:

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